Name Ex-Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi
Designation Vice President
Constituency Panbang
Email dwangdi@nab.gov.bt

The former Labour and Human Resources Minister has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with specialization in Corporate Strategy and Economic Policy.

He was a Deputy Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat before joining politics in 2007.

Representing Panbang constituency in Zhemgang, he was the DPT’s youngest cabinet member.

The former minister believes “Bhutan can shine as an example of an ideal democracy in the world.”

A champion promoter of blue collar jobs, he believes that the dignity of labour in Bhutan should be promoted.

Name Gyambo Tshering
Designation Candidate
Constituency Bardo-Trong

The 47-year-old holder of a Masters in Horticulture from Reading University, UK has a dream that nearly everyone from Zhemgang shares – to make the dzongkhag prosperous by harnessing its enormous economic potential.

With 17 years in agriculture research, including stint as the Programme Director of RDC-Bajo, he thinks he has what it takes to fulfill the people’s dreams.

Additionally, he wants to take advantage of the district’s central location for development besides cashing in on its vast tourism potential to help improve livelihoods.  He is a father of three and an avid archer.