Lhamoi Dzngkha-Tashiding
Name Dasho Hemant Gurung
Designation Candidate
Constituency Lhamoi Dzingkha-Tashiding

This keen sportsman comes from a long career in the army and the Royal Bhutan Police.  With Bachelors in Arts for educational qualification, he is known for his humility, charitable nature, loyalty and diligence.  A keen athlete, he was appointed the Secretary General of Drukpol Football Club.

He dream for his constituency is to link all the villages with a road network which also connects with the rest of the nation and the markets in adjoining India.

Apart from this, he is keen to promote cultural and ecotourism in Dagana district.

Name Dasho Sonam Jamtsho
Designation Candidate
Constituency Drujeygang-Tseza

The candidate for Drukjeygang-Tseza constituency hopes to encourage tourism by developing and improving the district’s road networks.

He says he will ensure that the Drukjeygang-Tseza constituency continues to receive the required development interventions for town development and waste management, both of which would greatly benefit the population.

If elected, he says he will also ensure that the 11th plan programmes are fully implemented ad that all major settlements in his constituency are connected with farm roads.

He has a degree in Dzongkha from Sherubtse Colege.