Name Dasho Dupthob
Designation MP
Constituency Boomdeling-Jamkhar

This candidate says he will strive to “improve tourism” in Eastern Bhutan, a role to which is well suited because of his experience working with the high-profile international hospitality group, Como.

He also worked on European Union projects in Bhutan prior to becoming an MP.

His dream is to improve the income of the rural farmers with whom “ I would one day like to spend the rest of my life.”

One of the DPT’s youngest candidates, he represents Boomdeling-Jamkhar constituency from Trashiyangtse district.

Name Kesang Wangdi
Designation Candidate
Constituency Khamdang-Ramjar

The former Auditor for the Royal Government of Bhutan joined DPT in 2008.

Contesting from Khandang-Ramjar constituency in Trashiyangtse, Kesang Wangdi’s vision for his constituency is in keeping with DPT’s overarching goal of establishing Equity, Justice and the promotion of Gross National Happiness.

He has set himself the goal of strengthening all four pillars of GNH in the service of his constituents.

Promoting Trashiyangtse as a tourist hub and encouraging organic farming are few of his main objectives.