“The role of Opposition Party is not just to oppose but also to support the govt to fulfill its mandate. However at times, when people feel that the govt is going wrong, the opposition has to take a stand to stop such mistakes.

We have always tried to be an exemplary Opposition and never tried to destabilize it nor hinder it from carrying out its functions. For instance, even when we disagreed on certain issues and when decisions were taken against our objections, we never resorted to legal recourse. We believe that taking the government to court would be tantamount to disrespecting parliamentary proceedings.

One example where we could effectively block was the government’s plan to corporitize the JDWNR Hospital. Once corporitized, any patient referring to the hospital has to pay certain amount as fees and charges. Most of our people, at present, are not in a position to afford such expenses,” said OL at Langchenphu gewog, Samdrup Jongkhar.