“Regarding Education Policy, it is very important for the people to know that we, the opposition party, never opposed or objected the establishment of Central Schools (CSs). We only suggested the government to rationalize the criteria for establishing CSs and make some changes so that our long term goal of having not just educated citizens but also responsible and caring ones is not compromised while at the same time, ensuring sustainability and equity.

We argued that closing ECRs, ECCDs, Community Schools and Primary Schools in remote places and establishing CSs is not in line with our previous policy of universal access to education. When our party was in ruling, we opened many schools so as to reach out education to all our children even in remote places. Now, that could be threatened because some parents might think that CSs are too far and that their young children would not be able to take care of themselves. Also, when parents and children live separately, the bond between them will be lessened. And the values and lessons that the children get from parents, relatives, neighbours and communities will also be missed out, and that is in conflict with our holistic education policy,” said OL at Lauri gewog in Samdrup Jongkhar.